Certified by Dr. Pauline

“You Only Have 7 Seconds to Make a Powerful First Impression.”

1) Your Self-Image: “No Excuse for Unprofessional Appearance”

• Your True Self “We are different”
• Your True Appearance
• Your Social Self
• Your Image Your Life

2) Your Clothing Style: “Be Your Best Self-Image”

Learn the clothing style techniques on choosing the right fit. Understand what is “Dress for Success”.

• Dress Success
• Ready to Wear, Bespoke & Made to Measure
• Code for Casual/Business/Formal Attires
• Choosing the Right Tailor
• Understand Measurements & Sizing
• Perfect Fit and How to Identify Fit Issues
• Work with Short, Heavy and Tall body Type
• Color Analysis
• Pattern Analysis
• Style Analysis
• Guide Your Hygiene
• Guide Your Hair Style
• Guide Your Make up Style

3) Your ABCD Approach: “You are Unique”

• Your Appearance Analysis
• Your Behavior Analysis
• Your Communication Analysis
• Your Digital Foot Print
• Create Your Profile Image

4) Work World Snaps

Understand how snap impression works. In snap impression, what you see, hear, and observe are processed by your brain and mix into a unique package known as first impression.

• How You Look in Snap Impression
• 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7 Seconds – “The Science of First Impression”
• The Brain’s Neurons System During the First Impression
• See What Others See in You First Impression
• The Power of Positive Impression and Negative Impression
• Use Body Windows to Improve Your First Impression
• Be Charismatic Using Eye Contact
• Eye-Contact Tips to Improve the First Impressions
• Smile Effects Our Brain

5) Social Snaps

“Be confident and attract what you want while dating, socializing, and networking.”

• Meet & Greet
• Great Start in Your First Impressions
• Formal & Informal Social Introduction
• Business Manner Introduction
• The secrets of giving a perfect Handshake
• Cultural differences in Handshakes
• Body Language & Professional Image
• Posture Do & Don’t
• Verbal Padding Do & Don’t
• Social Mingling Do & Don’t